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OLED Marker Lights

Acuity Brands

Acuity Brands’ Marker Light Series concept OLED luminaires create a directional beacon in high traffic areas, add visual appeal, provide subtle orientation along a movement path, and provide low-level illumination in critical care areas as part of a 24-hour lighting scheme. The series also demonstrates use of an amber OLED at a 590 nm peak and fixed luminance of 600 candelas per square meter, making the lighting solution suitable for night lighting in healthcare applications.

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LED Linear Replacement Lamps


Cree’s new series of LED T8 replacement tubes feature an oval-shaped design allowing more uplight than typical LED replacement lamps. The circuit design is compatible with instant-, rapid- and programmed-start and most dimmable fluorescent ballasts. 2100 lumens, 100 lumens/W (system level), 90 CRI, choice of 3500K and 4000K color temperatures, 50,000 hours. Five-year warranty. Available in the U.S. and Canada.

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Seem LED

Focal Point

Whether in grid or drywall, ceilings or walls, recessed or suspended, independent or in continuous rows, Focal Point’s Seem LED provides numerous mounting possibilities. Sleek and shadow-free, these linear 2.5 and 4-in. narrow slot luminaires is well suited to upscale designs. Clean, straight rows are furnished in 1-ft. increments standard; more precise lengths are available upon request.

The Seem LED family is constructed with extruded aluminum housings, allowing each component to neatly mate and align. Housing extrusions deftly support various mounting needs. Corners are evenly lit and mitered. A molded end lens provides a finishing touch to prevent light leaks and block view of the LEDs.

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Knife and Rail LED Indirect/Direct Pendants


Litecontrol’s newest customizable LED indirect/direct pendants—Knife and Rail—are available with the company’s very intriguing Variable Intensity (Vi) Technology. With Litecontrol’s Vi Technology, designers are no longer limited by standard luminaire configurations, but can specify the exact amount of light and power as well as beam distribution to ideally illuminate any environment.

Available in both pendant and wall mounted versions, the LED fixtures feature continuous diffusers that provide an uninterrupted line of light. The two diffuser options include SOF (Softglo) acrylic lens available in both 4’ and 8’ lengths, and BW/SOF (Baffle with lens overlay) available in 4’ lengths.

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Linear Modular Luminaire System


OSRAM SYLVANIA’s Linear Modular Luminaire System offers a variety of LED luminaires and retrofit kits that can be configured with a modular platform using the company’s new PrevaLED Flex light engines, OSRAM OPTOTRONIC programmable power supplies and a common assembly frame.

The lighting solutions are configurable as recessed, pendant and surface luminaires or retrofit kits and offered in scalable lengths up to 1100 lumens per foot and 110 lumens/W. The lightweight, flexible LED light engine and programmable output power supplies facilitate easy light output customization. Available in 2-, 3-, 4- and 8-ft. lengths; 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K color temperatures; white, black or gray finish; and with 0-10V continuous dimming down to 1%. These products are designed to satisfy DLC criteria. Five-year warranty.

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PAR30, PAR38 and AR111 LED Lamps with SNAP System


SORAA recently announced that its innovative SNAP System and new accessories are available for the company’s PAR30, PAR38 and AR111 LED lamps. Previously, it was available only for MR16 lamps. Soraa’s SNAP System has won a string of high-profile awards, the most recent being the prestigious 2014 Red Dot Product Design Award.

Due to its bright, point source GaN on GaN LED and prismatic optic, Soraa’s LED lamps can accept a magnet in the center of the lens, enabling a simple accessory attachment mechanism without major impact on light output or efficiency. The innovative, easy-to-use magnetic accessories allow customers to adjust the color, shape and soon direction of the light beam.

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