MARCH 2016


This special product issue of LIGHTNOW was created to keep you informed about exciting new product introductions from some the lighting industry's most innovative manufacturers. Some are being displayed at the upcoming LEDucation event in New York City; booth numbers are provided. All product announcements in this issue are paid advertisements.

In this issue:


LED Backlit Angled Wheelchair Mirror

The latest addition to AAMSCO Lighting's collection of energy saving bath and vanity luminaries designed to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Ideal for handicapped suites of hotels, nursing homes, hospitals and public restrooms, this angled mirror offers a beautiful yet functional design that will compliment any residence or facility.

LEDucation Table #233 & 234

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Stellar Linear High Bay

The Stellar Linear High Bay is thoughtfully designed as a one-for-one replacement to traditional T5 High Bays. It is ideal for application in warehouses, gymnasiums, and large indoor facilities. The High Bay is available in 100, 160, 240, and 320-watt models and equipped with both frosted and clear lenses for glare prevention and maximized brightness.

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Beaconnect™ Lighting Control

Beacon Products is proud to introduce the Beaconnect™ lighting control system. We have made lighting control Simple, Affordable and Reliable. Beaconnect™ luminaires can arrive to the site pre-programmed and ready to install, yet Beaconnect™ has the flexibility to modify the schedules in the field at any time. This eliminates the cost and complication of field commissioning by factory experts.

LEDucation Table #9

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LPG by Echelon

The LPG by Echelon bridges lighting systems to create a single seamless intelligent network to enable communication between a power line control network and a wireless control network.
This allows you to connect every type of lighting, from 100-year-old decorative fixtures to tunnel lighting to cobra-head street lighting across diverse cityscapes and operating environments. The LPG seamlessly recognizes and communicates with both wireless and power line controllers located within luminaires to enable energy and operational efficiencies as well as benefits to residents and first responders.

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Light and Color Measurement Made Simple

The MSC15 is a handy and cost effective spectral light and color meter. It measures scotopic & photopic illuminance, S/P ratio, color (CRI & CCT), PAR, effective bilirubin irradiance and light spectra with intuitive simple color touch-screen operation. A built-in diffuser window provides cosine correction with an f2≤3%. User software, USB interface and traceable calibration certification to international standards are supplied with the meter. The MSC15 is a must have tool for lighting professionals including: engineers, designers, manufacturers/distributors, architects, interior designers and facility managers tasked with qualifying conventional and solid-state (LED & OLED) light sources.

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Simplicity® PhotoSlide™ Lighting Controller

HUNT Dimming’s Simplicity ® PhotoSlide™ lighting controller combines manual dimming and daylight harvesting control for LED lighting in a single wall-mounted device.

The versatile slide controller allows users to switch or dim 120V or 277V LED or fluorescent lighting. The light sensor automatically reduces light output and energy consumption in response to available daylight by maintaining a target illumination level, providing ongoing energy cost savings during daylight hours. PhotoSlide™ offers opportunities for commercial building energy code compliance in new construction and a simple energy-saving retrofit in existing buildings. The PhotoSlide™ controller installs quickly and easily, using only low-voltage wiring.

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There is something seductive about graceful curves, and with its hour glass figure the Slikk is sure to turn heads in any room. Slikk™ from Impact Architectural Lighting is the newest addition to our selection of LED products. Slikk™ is a direct pendant available in 24” and 30” diameters. Integral drivers, featuring specifiable 0-10V dimming, power the multiple MCPC board arrays available in 3000, 3500 and 4000K. The signature, proprietary curve on Slikk’s outer housing, is available in 23 standard powder coat paint finishes as well as any custom RAL color. Let us create some impact for you. Impact Architectural Lighting, St. Louis, MO,

LEDucation Table #27

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K118 Washington

Of the many Acorn Globes that found their way onto the city streets of North America in the early 20th century, the K118 shape was perhaps the most widely used. Because of its pleasant, well balanced shape, the K118 has come back into favor as an ornamental luminaire. Available in HID and LED, see specification information below.

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Don’t be fooled by its smallish size, the MicroSeries from Prudential Ltg. packs a serious wall wash punch, offering a clean gradient of light to wash walls evenly, creating just the right amount of highlight at eye level to subtly pique visual interest (at up to 96 lm/w).

Available with remote or integral drivers, plenty of tilt for precise aiming, a multitude of installation options, plus tight binning for color accuracy.
• Surface, wall, cable or stem mounted
• Remote driver option for minimal look
• Continuous rows or individuals
• Remarkably efficient at up to 96 lm/w
• 2015 IES Progress Report award winner

LEDucation Table #210 & 211

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2-inch LED Downlight

RAB Lighting’s RDLED high-performance 2-inch LED downlight features an unobtrusive design that’s perfect for upscale residential and commercial spaces. With an aperture at just over one inch wide, RDLED is a designer’s dream with its smooth, abundant light that produces over 600 lumens at 71 lm/W without hot spots or glare. Plus, the low profile design of the RDLED requires only 3 inches of space above the ceiling. IC rated without any additional hardware required allowing for installation in ceilings where hot-running fixtures are prohibited. The 8-Watt RDLED replaces 50 Watt MR16 lamps for an 82% reduction in energy consumption. Its 100,000-hour lifespan ensures worry-free operation with no lamp replacement for over 20 years, running 12 hours/day.

LEDucation Table #205

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Sternberg Lighting SoftVue™ Lens

Sternberg Lighting has developed a way to decrease visual discomfort and LED glare by up to 76% by adding our Soft Vue™ lens. Light loss is minimal and the light distribution pattern will not significantly change. Two levels of glare mitigation are available for different project applications.

LEDucation Table #167

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Wally Recessed Channel

Introducing our newest aluminum channel providing an indirect hidden light source. Suitable for all of Tivoli's indoor TivoTape (SB, HO, XS, Variable, RGB and RGBW) with included flush frosted lens. Ideal for commercial use where additional light is needed in hallways, lobbies, office rooms and other locations.

LEDucation Table #168

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