APRIL 2016


This special product issue of LIGHTNOW was created to keep you informed about exciting new product introductions from some the lighting industry's most innovative manufacturers. Many are being displayed at the upcoming LIGHTFAIR event in San Diego; booth numbers are provided. All product announcements in this issue are paid advertisements.

In this issue:


Exterior Elements

EXTERIOR ELEMENTS is the new LED outdoor collection from Access Lighting that challenges conventional exterior designs.

This stylish collection journeys well beyond the rudimentary, functional outdoor lighting of yesterday.
Bring marine grade rated wall fixtures with sophisticated solid-state technology to your living space.

For powerful solutions in illumination, visit Access Lighting at LIGHTFAIR booth # 5237.

LightFair Booth #5237

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iBright™ Direct Kit

The iBright Direct Kit delivers the highest-quality of illumination with its superior ease of installation. With an improved design and performance, the iBright Direct Kit delivers up to 5,100 lumens and up to 126 lumens per Watt. This state of the art LED solution can easily retrofit any existing 2x2 or 2x4 fixture without removing the old fixture. The iBright Direct Kit is ideal for application in offices, classrooms, retail spaces, and healthcare facilities.

LightFair Booth #711

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ERIKA - Versatile, Efficient, Impressive

ERIKA, our dynamic, geometric luminaire, now includes the following options: a reveal lens with a 3/8" illuminated edge, a 1.25" round profile and direct/indirect 2.25" or 3.25" aperture rectangular profiles. These new choices allow the design community even more creative and versatile solutions while delivering excellent, smooth illumination to any space.


• New direct/indirect 2.25” and 3.25” rectangular profile
• New 1.25” round profile
• New 3/8" Reveal lens
• Available in Square, Rectangular or custom shapes and dimensions
• 1.25”, 2.25”, 3.25” profiles
• Flush, Reveal or Tri-Side extruded acrylic lens options
• User Defined Lumen Output/Wattages

For more information visit Birchwood Lighting.

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Dreamscape Lighting's "Vertical L" DLED-9000-VL architectural LED design element is available in a 3-1/2” flush lens width. Visually merging the wall and ceiling as a 'creative architectural expression’, this product was introduced by Dreamscape in 2005 at Lightfair International, and has since been featured in many modern applications.

Suitable for commercial, office, hospitality, healthcare, residential, and corridor lighting applications, Dreamscape's DLED-9000-VL provides a compelling architectural image.

Fixture is available with a variety of dimmable drivers, including Lutron Hi-lume. Also available in a narrower 2-1/4” width (DLED-9800-VL), the light source features 90+CRI in various color temperatures, including 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K.

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Lumewave by Echelon LPG

The Lumewave by Echelon LPG bridges lighting systems to create a single seamless intelligent network to enable communication between a power line control network and a wireless control network.

This allows you to connect every type of lighting, from 100-year-old decorative fixtures to tunnel lighting to cobra-head street lighting across diverse cityscapes and operating environments. The Lumewave by Echelon LPG seamlessly recognizes and communicates with both wireless and power line controllers located within luminaires to enable energy and operational efficiencies as well as benefits to residents and first responders

LightFair Booth #4501

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High-Performance Wall Slot

The High Performance Wall Slot (HP-WS) is a perimeter luminaire delivering a wash of light at the transition between wall and ceiling planes and providing both general ambient and vertical illumination. Available in 2', 3', 4, & 8' section lengths that can be combined to make longer runs, and 2", 4", and 6" regressed-optic options. Optional telescoping sections provide an accurate fit with uniform illumination. Performance up to 771 lumens per foot with 90% of initial light output (L90) at 100,000 hours. Available in 3000K, 3500K and 4000K CCT. Dimming standard. 10-year performance-based warranty. 10-working-day shipping on standard orders.

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BTS256-LED SpectroLightmeter

The BTS256-LED SpectroLightmeter is a multi-purpose tool designed to measure luminous flux, illuminance, color quantities and spectral distribution of pc board mounted single LEDs, miniature lamps, endoscopes or any narrow beam emitting light source. Larger size light sources can be measured by either attaching the BTS256-LED tester to an external integrating sphere or goniophotometer.

Key components include a built-in 50mm diameter integrating sphere with an input optic nozzle designed to minimize positional error, electronic shutter for offset compensation and GO BiTec Sensor. The sensor houses both a fine precision photometric filtered photodiode and a low stray light design spectrometer which work together for accurate flux detection over a wide dynamic range.

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Simplicity ® PhotoSlide™

HUNT Dimming’s Simplicity ® PhotoSlide™ lighting controller combines manual dim-ming and daylight harvesting control for LED lighting in a single wall-mounted device.

The versatile slide controller allows users to switch or dim 120V or 277V LED or fluo-rescent lighting. The light sensor automatically reduces light output and energy con-sumption in response to available daylight by maintaining a target illumination level, providing ongoing energy cost savings during daylight hours. PhotoSlide™ offers op-portunities for commercial building energy code compliance in new construction and a simple energy-saving retrofit in existing buildings. The PhotoSlide™ controller installs quickly and easily, using only low-voltage wiring.

LightFair Booth #6907

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LED Post Top and Pendant Lighting

King Luminaire has plants in Jefferson Ohio and Burlington Ontario, producing a comprehensive line of high performance luminaires. King LED lighting offers exceptional light quality, long usable life, energy efficiency, durability, and compatibility with controls, all of which can help cut down on energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs. With the advanced King LED technologies, our stunning luminaire fixtures, and impeccable Gold Standards in customer service, King Luminaire is Lighting the Way®!

LightFair Booth #756

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Lighting Control and Automation Panel (LCAP) series

The LCAP panel series meets precise dimming, energy conservation and user experience goals. The platform features a range of lighting control panels that offer fully configurable dimming for all lighting technologies, intuitive user interfaces that allow access and control from room to multiple locations, and the capability to integrate with the Digital Lighting Management system for a full building lighting control and energy saving solution. It adapts to changing project requirements and complexities like LED relay and color control.

LightFair Booth #4726

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Wattstopper Segment Manager 2.1

Wattstopper Segment Manager 2.1 network controller features a robust interface that allows easy viewing, organizing and improved scheduling of lighting control systems. Designed for every type of user to optimize building performance and reduce energy costs with valuable information on each space and visual history on the site’s operation. New to the industry is the tile-based interface allowing users to easily group controls by room, area, floor and building. When integrated into the Digital Lighting Management system, tiles automatically populate, eliminating the need to create costly custom graphic screens. Features: real-time analytics, integrated demand response functionality and web browser accessibility.

LightFair Booth #4726

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Wattstopper PW-311 Sensor

Wattstopper PW-311 passive infrared 0-10 volt dimming wall switch occupancy sensor provides occupancy and dimming control that supports the latest electrical and energy code requirements for small commercial applications. It is cost competitive, easy-to-use and install, and replaces multiple control devices in a room. It features a neutral wire connection option, multi-way capability, and a simple and secure design. New key mode settings are available such as power loss mode, optional presentation mode, and smart light level to meet and adjust to user needs.

LightFair Booth #4726

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Climate Based Annual Daylight Simulations for AGi32 and ElumTools

Lighting Analysts introduces ultra-fast climate-based annual daylight simulations for both AGi32 and ElumTools, our Revit add-in. Using patent-pending algorithms, Lighting Analysts finally makes daylight modeling practical for both lighting designers and architects using our industry standard radiosity software solutions. With calculation times measured in minutes, rather than hours or days, annual daylight simulations are now accessible to anyone on desktop and even laptop computers. Final results include rendered images, animations, extensive statistical computation of daylight metrics and full reporting.

LightFair Booth #2719

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400 Series LED Downlight

From No. 8 Lighting comes the new, powerful 400-Series: Compact in design (5-1/2” overall height), offering easy installation, and easy tool-free aim & adjust—for accent, wall wash, and general lighting applications.

• Patent Pending IC, airtight, and adjustable—for existing or new construction
• Installs from below finished ceilings of virtually any thickness
• 90+ CRI 3000K/900-1000 lumens at 15watts with multiple dimming options
• 0-35° vertical/360° horizontal adjustment
• 15°, 25° & 40° beam spread options, and 2700K, 2400K and 3500K color options
• CA Title 24 Compliant
• Flangeless and Flanged, Square and Round, White and Oil-Rubbed Bronze trim options available

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NoUVIR Direct Replacement of Failed Fiberstars EFO Units

Stuck with an old, failed Fiberstars EFO? Unable to locate parts or lamps? A NoUVIR CLDN-HP projector can often provide a direct replacement using your existing fiber and fixtures.

NoUVIR gives you:

• a 10% increase in intensity,
• a commonly available $12.00 lamp,
• NO heating, burning or discoloration of fiber,
• a virtually unlimited service life (a slide-out component drawer allows simple, inexpensive, no-tool, field repair)
• NoUVIR’s 20+ year reputation for quality and service!

Call us at 302-628-9933 for details. We invented museum lighting!

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Philips Bodine Emergency LED Drivers for Field Installation

Philips Emergency Lighting offers ETL Listed, field-installable emergency LED drivers. These Philips Bodine emergency LED drivers are available for indoor (linear, downlight, high-bay) and outdoor (cold temperature) applications. They are the first – and currently only – emergency LED drivers ETL Listed for field installation. Other manufacturers’ modules are suitable for factory installation only or carry a UL Classified status. The Philips Bodine field-installable units are also suitable for factory installation.

LightFair Booth #3623

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Low Inrush Flicker Free LED Drivers

PowerSelect’s TRIAC and 0-10v dimmable LED drivers offer worldwide input voltages of 95-305VAC. All Powerselect LED drivers feature inrush current limiting to 300 milliamps, output circuit protection, dimming down to 1%, and flicker free operation.

These compact LED drivers are available from 350mA-1050mA and configurable in a variety of mounting footprints. Each LED driver is designed to meet DLC criteria when paired with appropriate LED light sources and fixtures.

LightFair Booth #2305

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iQ Linear LED

While once we were just the power behind the light, now we are the power and the light.
In 1995 Q-Tran was established as leader in the low-voltage power supply industry. 21 years later it has grown into a company that offers 34 different models of interior and exterior power supply centers and recently we have added a lengthy list of Linear LED lighting. Our line of iQ LED products have CRI’s over 95 with an R9 value of over 90. They all have the ability to dim extremely well (below 1%) with our LED Power Supplies. Hope to see you at LightFair!

LightFair Booth #142

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2-inch LED Downlight

RAB Lighting’s RDLED high-performance 2-inch LED downlight features an unobtrusive design that’s perfect for upscale residential and commercial spaces. With an aperture at just over one inch wide, RDLED is a designer’s dream with its smooth, abundant light that produces over 600 lumens at 71 lm/W without hot spots or glare. Plus, the low profile design of the RDLED requires only 3 inches of space above the ceiling. IC rated without any additional hardware required allowing for installation in ceilings where hot-running fixtures are prohibited. The 8-Watt RDLED replaces 50 Watt MR16 lamps for an 82% reduction in energy consumption. Its 100,000-hour lifespan ensures worry-free operation with no lamp replacement for over 20 years, running 12 hours/day.

LightFair Booth #5027

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Wireless Adjustable Shelf Light - LED

Elegant and simple functionality is finally an option with RSL’s new Adjustable Shelf Light. The Adjustable Shelf Light incorporates innovative design with wholly concealed wiring and spring loaded contacts so shelves can be rearranged easily. The Adjustable Shelf Light is a perfect choice for visually enhancing retail spaces, public display cases & wine cellars. The durable low profile housing can be custom fabricated to any length.

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Do you have cove lighting headaches? Tivoli’s new TivoCAP is an innovative, line voltage, pill shape, lighting fixture with flexibility, adjustability for both low and high ambient interior applications. The TivoCAP can be adjusted to have beam angles of 30, 60, and 120 degrees. With its full range dimming this product will spotlight all your indoor coves. TivoCAP module includes swivel out feet for mounting in various positions, and can be bent to allow mounting on angled surfaces.

LightFair Booth #5202

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