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Acclaim Lighting Flex Lighting Solutions Lighting Analysts
ANP Lighting Gigahertz Optik LCA
Architectural Area Ltg Hunt Dimming Lighting Services Inc.
ATG Impact Architectural Ltg MaxLite
Echelon Kim Lighting Prudential
Ferrowatt King Luminaire Co. Visa Lighting

Universal Dimming Module

Universal Dimming Module (UDM) is a multi-protocol driver designed to allow conversions between popular control protocols that allow for maximum control flexibility and integration with fixtures. The UDM inputs are DMX and 0-10V, while its outputs are DMX, 0-10V and IGBT digital line voltage dimming. Operating with 0-10V Sink Power, the unit can deliver an output of 25ma drive current. The module can intake a voltage of 1000 watts at 120VAC or 2000 watts at 240VAC, while outputting 100-277VAC or 50/60 Hz via TRIAC. AC options include 90-277AC pass through while using DMX to allow power output to fixtures.

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Oversized Metal Shade Lighting

AS BIG AS YOUR VISION. AS BOLD AS YOUR BRAND. Our Oversized Metal Shades add maximum visual impact to shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices. Choose from magnificent sizes up to 40”, unexpected shapes, and creative finishes to create maximum visual impact. LED fixtures are powered Cree® LED module technology. Compact fluorescent is also available. Proudly made in the U.S.A., these shades are constructed of heavy duty spun aluminum and are available in 33 color finishes. ANP Lighting makes it easy to think bigger.

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KB6 Kick™ Bollard


KicK Bollard brings best in classperformance and technology withoptics capable of IES distributionsor comfortable pixel free illumination.Every aspect of the bollard is bothconfigurable and customizable,enabling it to be the ultimate lowlevel luminaire. Features includefield rotatable body and optics, configurable lens shielding, clear or diffused lens options, integral battery backup, occupancy sensor and wireless controls. AvaiIable with IES Type II, III, or IV distributions and 3000K, 4000K or 5000K, the bollard provides 3,000 delivered lumens.

LEDucation Booth #:GB 1002

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Linear High Bay


ATG’s Stellar Linear High Bay is engineered for high-performance illumination in large indoor environments. The Linear High Bay’s luminous efficacy and uniform light distribution stand out in the class, with a diffusing lens carefully selected to minimize glare. To maximize light quality across applications, the fixture is available with both clear and frosted lenses.

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Lumewave by Echelon® Outdoor Integrated White Tuning Solution

The Lumewave by Echelon® Outdoor Integrated White Tuning Solution connects a smart network of outdoor lighting with a variety of inputs for safety and comfort. This industry-first outdoor white tuning solution helps municipalities balance the needs of stakeholders, from emergency responders to neighborhood residents, when implementing LED lighting. Lighting color and intensity adjust dynamically based on schedules and adaptive control inputs, including traffic and weather analytics as well as sensors. White color adjustments from 2700°K to 5500°K, in conjunction with full range dimming, can improve visual acuity in different conditions and support healthy sleep patterns as recommended by the AMA.

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Diamond Cage Pendant

Vintage cage pendants can create a whimsical look to any home décor. Combined with the elegant detail of Aamsco’s original Ferrowatt reproduction light bulbs, they will add beautiful light to any space. Make sure you contact us today to request a quote.

LEDucation Booth #: B510 & B512

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Essentials Series LED High Bay Luminaires

Flex Lighting Solutions’ Essentials LED high bays significantly reduce energy use and maintenance in both low and high bay applications. The Essentials family features light outputs ranging from 7000 to 70000 lumens, providing design flexibility to maximize energy savings. Flex can provide 1-for-1 replacements of traditional light sources up to 1000W, with typical energy savings of 70-80%. Wireless controls allow owners to reduce energy even further, while providing an IOT platform within their facility.

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BTS256-LED SpectroLightmeter

The BTS256-LED SpectroLightmeter is a multi-purpose tool designed to measure luminous flux of single LEDs by means of its unique conical input optic and built-in integrating sphere. It provides complete color and spectral data employing both numeric and graphic form. LED fixtures and arrays or other larger light sources can be measured by either attaching the BTS256-LED tester to an external integrating sphere or goniophotometer. Other optional input optic attachments are available for illuminance and averaged luminous intensity measurement.

All LED tester functions are under control of the supplied S-BTS256 software. An SDK is also available for self-programmers.

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Simplicity® PhotoSlide™

HUNT Dimming’s Simplicity ® PhotoSlide™ lighting controller combines manual dim-ming and daylight harvesting control for LED lighting in a single wall-mounted device.
The versatile slide controller allows users to switch or dim 120V or 277V LED or fluo-rescent lighting. The light sensor automatically reduces light output and energy con-sumption in response to available daylight by maintaining a target illumination level, providing ongoing energy cost savings during daylight hours. PhotoSlide™ offers op-portunities for commercial building energy code compliance in new construction and a simple energy-saving retrofit in existing buildings. The PhotoSlide™ controller installs quickly and easily, using only low-voltage wiring.

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The XL at the Cantilever Room, San Antonio Convention Center

HLB Lighting Design Los Angeles. Photography by Terry Wier.


The XL adds an extra-large dose of style to any room. A sized up version of our, the XL can be fit with colored decorative rings (seen here in amber), and is available in 15 standard powder coat colors. Powered with a 0-10V dimming driver and available in two LED lumen packages and three Kelvin temperatures, the bul.itXL is locked and loaded.

LEDucation Booth #: GB 626

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AFL10 Architectural Floodlight

With a timeless architectural form and 30 year reputation for unprecedented quality and performance, the AFL10 has been upgraded to LED. Sleek looking optics with wide, vertical and narrow flood distributions complement the AFL’s premium architectural design and securely attach to an internal heat sink for maximum thermal dissipation. The IP66 certified die-cast aluminum housing offers excellent value and rugged service. Swivel mount provides superior aiming without loosening over time. Features include up to a 40% increase in lumen output and a 34- 52% increase in max candela over HID. Easy to install LED retrofit kits are available.

LEDucation Booth #: GB 1002

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King Luminaire Co. Inc., produces a comprehensive line of historical outdoor luminaires offering exceptional light quality, long usable life, energy efficiency, durability and compatibility with controls; all of which can help cut down on energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs. Combine this advanced LED technology with the natural beauty of StressCrete decorative concrete poles that have low lifetime costs, are maintenance free and have a lifetime warranty for an elegantly classic design. King Luminaire also produces iron, steel, and aluminum poles, and site amenities to coordinate all your architectural elements. King Luminaire and StressCrete are divisions of The StressCrete Group.

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Licasotm - Software for Daylighting

Lighting Analysts introduces ultra-fast climate-based annual daylight simulations for both LEED v4 and LM-83 daylight metric calculations using LicasoTM. Using patent-pending algorithms and site-specific TMY3 weather data, Licaso finally makes daylight modeling practical for both lighting designers and architects using the industry standard AGi32 software or our ElumToolsTM add-in for Autodesk® Revit®. With calculation times measured in minutes, rather than hours or days, annual daylight simulations are now accessible to anyone on desktop and even laptop computers. Join the free public beta at!

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The Lighting Controls Association offers a YouTube channel where you’ll find all of the latest major lighting control product introductions in one place. Shot at LIGHTFAIR, each 1-5 minute video shows a product specialist presenting a new product. Lutron, Cree, Philips, GE and more.

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LPW8 Series Wall Wash

The LPW8 Series is a brand new, elegant, stem mounted wall wash fixture powered by COB LED technology. Utilizing an asymmetric TIR optic, the LPW8 produces 2725 lumens (36 watts) of a seamless, even wash of light for the most demanding applications of museum and retail lighting. The LPW8 Series features a discreetly hidden integral driver which is compatible with trailing edge electronic low voltage dimmers (dimmable to 5%). Individual addressing and control is available using LumenTalk™ for DMX or 0-10V systems and dimmable to 1%. COB LED panel and driver are field replaceable.

LEDucation Booth #: 1103/1105

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TriMax LED Vapor Tight

Water. Dust. Corrosion. MaxLite’s TriMax keeps them all at bay. High efficacy, vandal-resistant features and DLC Premium low bay qualification make TriMax the perfect solution for lighting parking garages, warehouses and other locations requiring an IP65 rated fixture. Available in 40W and 60W, the TriMax exceeds 7,300 lumens in its highest output. Flexible installation features support surface or suspension mounting, while motion sensor and battery backup options enhance safety and energy savings.

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Stream Series

A paradigm-shifter for architectural linear lighting, the Stream Series from Prudential Ltg. creates an unbroken, wondrously uniform line of light. A mind-bending illumination breakthrough that plays with depth perception.

Stream’s lens-free ‘veiled source ambient’ is available in multiple configurations. The award-winning recessed Stream is a middle-of-the-room cove… it’s as if the fixture disappears into the architecture, and needs to be experienced to truly appreciate the beauty of linear light.

• A perfect line of light — no lens, no seams up to 200’
• Recessed 4” and 2”
• Perimeter 4”
• Square and Oval linear pendants

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Beautifully simple. Incomparable performance. Unmatched functionality.
For the first time ever a round luminous form has been crafted that not only breaks up ceiling scapes, but also breaks barriers to offer tunable lighting as it has never been offered before. The elegant, exclusive lens encompasses a gentle concave profile with a graceful, shallow dome to offer a different aesthetic from the typical ceiling fixtures. The Symmetry LED series includes three models for a variety of operations – the Tunable White LED, the Over-Bed Patient Room, and the General Use Ambient.

LEDucation Booth #: GB525 and GB527

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