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Dyna Drum Features Quad-Color LED Technology for Large-Scale Area Façade and Flood Illumination


Dyna Drum is an energy-efficient, IP66 wet rated, high-powered, quad-color architectural lighting fixture with a wireless digital multiplex (DMX) control option for facade and large-scale area flood lighting. It features RGBW chips and single color versions in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5500K, providing more than 10,000 lumens for brilliant Illumination and superior color rendering. For easy control, it has an adjustable yoke, onboard digital control display for menu selections and addressing, and a 100-277 watt internal power supply. It’s available in beam angles of 6 degrees standard, with 25-, 40- and 60-degree spread lens options, and consumes only 228 watts.

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Oversized Metal Shade Lighting

AS BIG AS YOUR VISION. AS BOLD AS YOUR BRAND. Our Oversized Metal Shades add maximum visual impact to shops, restaurants, hotels, and offices. Choose from magnificent sizes up to 40”, unexpected shapes, and creative finishes to create maximum visual impact. LED fixtures are powered Cree® LED module technology. Compact fluorescent is also available. Proudly made in the U.S.A., these shades are constructed of heavy duty spun aluminum and are available in 33 color finishes. ANP Lighting makes it easy to think bigger.

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Aero Area Light


ATG’s new Aero is a spec-grade entrant in the realm of high-performance outdoor luminaires. This innovative fixture is created from the outset for modular function. The Aero allows for quick, labor-efficient swapping of optics and LED arrays. Designers and contractors can now use the same product to deploy for a range of applications, without sacrificing appearance or durability. The luminaire has an operating temperature range of -20C to 45C. ATG can create and ship custom orders from our US-based warehouse and assembly facilities within days of receiving an order

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Ardito 3.5” Round Adjustable Regressed


Contraste has developed the A3RAR, a member of the refined and simplistic Ardito family. It is a first for Contraste to have a 3.5", can-free, dedicated LED adjustable trim. Offering the elegant and easy-to-install flangeless option, the A3RAR benefits from all the line's options: Warm dimming, Color tuning, 4 color temperatures, many beam angles and multiple finishes. The dichroic glass reflectors deliver the popular MR16 look, with the power of dedicated LED. With an intact design, the spot beam delivers close to 12,000 candelas at nadir in Performance 1 (14W), and more than 17,000 candelas at nadir in Performance 2 (23W).

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Dreamscape Lighting's "Vertical L" DLED-9000-VL architectural LED design element is available in a 3-1/2” flush lens width. Visually merging the wall and ceiling as a 'creative architectural expression’, this product was introduced by Dreamscape in 2005 at Lightfair International, and has since been featured in many modern applications.

Suitable for commercial, office, hospitality, healthcare, residential, and corridor lighting applications, Dreamscape's DLED-9000-VL provides a compelling architectural image.

Fixture is available with a variety of dimmable drivers, including Lutron Hi-lume. Also available in a narrower 2-1/4” width (DLED-9800-VL), the light source features 90+CRI in various color temperatures, including 2700K, 3000K, and 3500K.

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Lumewave by Echelon


Smart Connected Lighting

From sophisticated lighting controls to advanced safety and comfort management capabilities, the Lumewave by Echelon platform offers a proven secure and reliable platform for smart city and safe campus lighting.

Echelon offers a flexible yet comprehensive, standards-based approach to intelligent lighting control that makes it easy and affordable for organizations to make their lighting a strategic asset.

• Boost energy and operational savings through adaptive lighting control
• Improve safety and satisfaction with better overall lighting quality
• Collect and manage data to achieve goals with better asset utilization
• Create an intelligent network capable of meeting future demands beyond lighting.

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Essentials Series 4.0


A comprehensive offering of High Bay LED luminaires that provide the best lumen maintenance and highest reliability in the industry. Designed with a best-in-class thermal management, the Essentials Series 4.0 are rated to work at ambient temperatures up to 65°C while offering efficacies up to 171LPW and lumen outputs ranging from 6,000lm to 73,000lm. Essentials Series 4.0 has rotatable outer modules, an exclusive feature allowing optimization of the light distribution to suit individual application needs. This provides the highest flexibility for lighting designers, installers and end-users.

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BTS256-LED Plus Concept

The BTS256-LED SpectroLightmeter is a multi-purpose tool designed to measure luminous flux of single LEDs by means of its unique conical input optic and built-in integrating sphere. It provides complete color and spectral data employing both numeric and graphic form. Our BTS256-LED Plus concept allows LED fixtures and arrays or other larger light sources to be measured by either attaching the BTS256-LED tester to an external integrating sphere or goniophotometer. Other optional input optic attachments are available for illuminance and averaged luminous intensity measurement.

All LED tester functions are under control of the supplied S-BTS256 software. An SDK is also available for self-programmers.

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Deep Bowl Shade Collections

Timeless in their design and versatile in their potential applications, the elegant items in our Deep Bowl Collection are available with built-in LED modules, making these fixtures ideal for commercial projects and energy-conscious homeowners alike. All modules, regardless of wattage, are designed to last 50,000 hours at L70. As we integrate this new technology, the Deep Bowls continue our longstanding commitment to customization. From mountings that accommodate any setting to an array of finishes that set the atmosphere of a space, we ensure that your light fixtures are just right.

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The new Sling from Hubbell Outdoor Lighting is a slender, versatile and energy-efficient small wall and flood fixture that comes in four lumen outputs and two sizes. The performance of the Sling is ideal for building entrances, perimeter lighting for schools, apartment buildings or commercial applications.

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Simplicity® PhotoSlide™

HUNT Dimming’s Simplicity® PhotoSlide™ lighting controller combines manual dim-ming and daylight harvesting control for LED lighting in a single wall-mounted device.
The versatile slide controller allows users to switch or dim 120V or 277V LED or fluo-rescent lighting. The light sensor automatically reduces light output and energy con-sumption in response to available daylight by maintaining a target illumination level, providing ongoing energy cost savings during daylight hours. PhotoSlide™ offers op-portunities for commercial building energy code compliance in new construction and a simple energy-saving retrofit in existing buildings. The PhotoSlide™ controller installs quickly and easily, using only low-voltage wiring.

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Oh yes we did! By stripping the top off our popular tiki series, we created the You can see the sleek fixture here at the Chicago Connectory, designed and specified by Whitney Architects. This fixture comes in your choice of three lumen packages and fifteen powder coat paint finishes. An optional frosted acrylic bottom lens is available as well.

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King Luminaire Co. Inc., produces a comprehensive line of historical outdoor luminaires offering exceptional light quality, long usable life, energy efficiency, durability and compatibility with controls; all of which can help cut down on energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs. Combine this advanced LED technology with the natural beauty of StressCrete decorative concrete poles that have low lifetime costs, are maintenance free and have a lifetime warranty for an elegantly classic design. King Luminaire also produces iron, steel, and aluminum poles, and site amenities to coordinate all your architectural elements. King Luminaire and StressCrete are divisions of The StressCrete Group.

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An edge-lit disk adds a dramatic highlight to Manning Lighting’s new Orbx series of pendants. An LED source hidden in the sleek aluminum housing is designed to perfectly illuminate the light guide, creating a uniform appearance and efficient distribution, with no glare. Available in 24”, 36” and 48” diameter, the LED pendants feature multiple color temperatures, finishes, and suspension options.

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QuadroMAX Plus

QuadroMAX Plus by MaxLite is a modular area lighting system capable of replacing traditional metal halide solutions from 150W to 750W. Up to six LED modules can be interlocked to create lumen packages from 5,600 to 39,500, with a full range of asymmetric to symmetric distributions. Offering unprecedented serviceability in the field, the head module disconnects from the fixture for quick and easy driver replacement in minutes. By applying one of five available mounting options, QuadroMAX Plus is able to address three key areas of outdoor lighting as an area, flood or wall pack luminaire. For details, go to


RDF60 recessed downlight LED

RDF60 recessed downlight LED is an 8 watt, energy saving, flanged LED fixture offered with two standard color lamp temperatures (2700K and 3000K) and six finishes, black (BK), white (WH), antique brass (AB), brushed nickel (BN), polished brass (PB), and polished chrome (PC). Having a cord and plug, it is a simple solution for nearly any downlight application where up to 50 fixtures can be linked for displays, cabinets, furniture, etc. RDF60 LED is dimmable using our rotary dimmer, and is UL / cUL listed. A trimless style is also available (RD60 LED).

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Sternberg Lighting introduces FLIGHT™
FLIGHT™ is Sternberg Lighting’s new LED luminaire, designed specifically for area and site applications. Within its simple round housing resides an array of features including our Softvue™ Lens to mitigate glare providing comfortable viewing on any project site. FLIGHT™ features COB and indirect reflector optics for state of the art visual comfort for LED light sources. Our patented heat pipe technology guarantees long service life by efficiently removing heat from sensitive electronics.

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Light and airy with a futuristic flare, the Cosmo LED pendant is a blend between twenty-first century and mid-century modern. Cosmo is offered in both high and low LED outputs and suspended from a low voltage power cable. The lower ring and cable retainer can be finished with any of our 16 standard paint finishes or our exclusive, eco-friendly alternative metal finishes

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