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Lighting for Educational Facilities, This Recommended Practice addresses lighting needs of all of educational facilities from preschool to continuing professional development. Its scope is restricted to learning and study activities, and associated circulation spaces. It should be noted that the IES Lighting Handbook and other Recommend Practices contain guidance on lighting administration areas, sports facilities, or residential accommodations on school and college campuses. Additional relevant literature is listed in the references. This Practice revises and replaces the previous edition which was published in 1988.
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Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings, The purpose of this document is to provide a "how to," user-friendly design assistance to Design and A/E fi rms working for school boards in order to achieve energy savings of 30 progress toward a new zero energy building.
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American National Standard Practice for Office Lighting (ANSI Approved), This recommended practice has been substantially revised and reorganized from earlier editions to address recent changes in the office environment such as computer-based tasks, new office layouts, the effect of energy efficiency on lighting design, new light sources and control strategies to name a few.

Articles & Reports

New Guide Provides Daylighting Designs to Maximize Students' Health and Performance
Lighting Research Center
Press Release 03/04/2011

Classroom: T8 HP Fluorescent Direct / Indirect
The Lighting Design Lab 01/2014

Classroom: T8 HP Fluorescent High Performance Lensed - Recessed
The Lighting Design Lab 01/2014

Classroom Lighting System Demonstration Research Study
Prepared by Finelite for The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority
(8 MB download)

Windows and Classrooms: A Study of Student Performance and the Indoor Environment
California Energy Commission Technical Report
(1.3 MB download), Appendeces (1.3 MB)

Daylighting in Schools: An Investigation into the Relationship Between Daylighting and Human Performance
1999 PG&E on behalf of the California Board of Energy Efficiency Third Party Program.
(545 KB download)


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