Richard Ponting


Born in London 1945 educated at Grammar School and Technical Institutes. Started in Lighting at OSRAM (GEC) Ltd in 1962 as what would now be known as a Cadet. Worked in the Lighting Labs at East Lane Wembley, under Jack Waldram, Tim Price and Co, did lighting design at the Design Centre, Lamp factory work at Wembley and Shaw, Manchester, and was finally let loose on an unsuspecting public in 1967. Joined Thorn Lighting in 1968 and Studied Lighting at the Borough Polytechnic in London under John Pickup and David Pritchard.

Joined Power Board in Bristol in 1970 as Customer Advisory Service (Lighting) and returned to Thorn in the Bristol Area in 1973. Emigrated to NZ in 1975 on 3 year contract with Thorn and stayed on as Technical Sales Manager.

Set up Versalux (NZ) in 1990. Joined IESNZ in 1980 and served on National Council from 1984 to present. Represented IESNZ on IESANZ Council since Federation in 1991. Executive Councillor for IESANZ since 1992. Elected IESANZ Secretary in 1992 and Vice President in 1994. Has attended every IES Convention since 1985.

Married to Eileen and they have one son, David, now 30 yrs old who has his own Architectural Design Company. A keen Rotarian for 17 years, serving as President and Secretary of Birkenhead Club. R & E's hobbies include Skiing, following the North Harbour Rugby Football Team, bush walking, travel, and they share the house with a Golden Retreiver and a Ginger Tom cat. Thoroughly enjoy a glass of wine with friends, and a good story or two.

Correspondent Comment - International Visitors to this page should note that New Zealand is renowned for producing magnificent wines -especially whites.

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