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Lighting Resources: Mobile Apps
Philips ProLuminaire

Lighting Applications for Mobile Devices

Mobile App
Show / Conference
Use this tool to navigate the show floor, search the exhibitor directory, view networking events, create your own show agenda and review the Conference schedule.
LIGHTFAIR International
Mobile site for LEDucation 10
Hong Kong Trade Development Council
HKTDC Mobile the world’s first B2B information and sourcing mobile application includes Exhibitions & Conferences – browse the HKTDC trade fairs and events list
View your personal schedule, browse what's happening right now or search for what you want. The mobile web app stores the schedule data locally on your phone for offline access too.
Light + Building Navigator
Light + Building Navigator is the orientation guide for visitors of Messe Frankfurt's Light + Building exhibition. Navigate over the fairgrounds, through the exhibitor directory or receive inspiration through news and twitter messages
Light + Building
What can you do with the NeoCon App? - Browse and navigate NeoCon exhibitors and showrooms - Manage and view your MyNeoCon Guide - scan products.
Stockholm Furniture Fair & Light Fair
Download the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair app and get access to all information on events at the fair during the week. The app will guide you to nearly 800 exhibitors, inspiring seminars and exhibitions.
Northern Light Fair
Philips Light+Building
Visit Philips Lighting at the biggest industry event of the year – Light+Building 2014! Always ready to hand: your personal Philips exhibition assistant, a straightforward tool that will conveniently guide you through the stand, providing interesting information and product innovations.
Mobile App
Manufacturer / Organization / App Developer
Select Platform
IALD LightMap
Created by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD), IALD LightMap is a Google Maps interface which allows users to travel the world in search of examples of quality architectural lighting design.
International Association of Lighting Designers
INSIDE is an application designed for those who want to enjoy new experiences within interactive environments. The project is being launched during the Milan DesignWeek in Milan with the company’s installation at the 2010 Salone del Mobile exhibition in via Tortona, Milan. The aim of the project INSIDE is to allow immersive video environments of the events to communicate with the internet and smartphones
Optimised for the iPhone5 and iPad3 with multi-touch screen system and also designed for the Android operating system, the new app which Foscarini has just launched - with captivating and emotional graphics and extremely user-friendly - allows users to insert lamps in rooms and settings which are caught on camera each time or picked from an archive of pictures.
This free App gives you access to more than 200 catalogues of international lighting manufacturers. The best source for architects and lighting enthusiasts.
von Karl Gunkel
Lighting Design Architecture
Here comes Lighting Design Architecture Issue # 1, the iPad magazine fully dedicated to lighting in all its forms and applications.
Download and start browsing through "cosmopolitan" interviews and projects signed by lighting designers and international companies.
Maggioli Editore
Lighting Hub App
The Philips Lighting Hub is a great source of information and inspiration and is key to planning your lighting projects. The Hub contains inspirational projects and also offers you the complete global professional lighting portfolio for easy access offline when you may not have access to the internet. Yo
Learn LED
Learn LED, powered by Philips Lighting University, provides in-depth information on LEDs, on the go. With the help of an extensive glossary, a variety of eBooks , enlightening videos and the quiz you can broaden your knowledge on LEDs in an easy and fun way.
The LightCollector is a Lighting inspiration photo app that allows lighting designers, architects, interior designers and others to inspire and be inspired by collecting and sharing images of light.
Home Lighting
Conceived by the team at Philips Home Lighting, this is an easy-to-use Lighting app that lets you drop
in a variety of lights from the latest Home Lighting collection, showing up as 3D lights against your
home backdrops, or against one of our pre-set background images.
UL Product Spec
Locate lights. Find flues. Winnow out wall systems. And know they're all code compliant and good to go. UL Product Spec™ allows you to search quickly and easily from your computer, smartphone or tablet five ways: - Installation Code
- Product Type
- Product, Systems or Assemblies
- UL Product Category Code
- Master Format Number
lightlife magazine
The customer magazine of Zumtobel “lightlife” is dedicated for architects, lighting planners and designers all over the world.
It contains detailed information about projects and developments in the section of light and architecture including project reports, coverages, interviews as well as information about new projects and concepts.
Mobile App
Manufacturer / Developer
Select Platform
Simulate your own unique daylighted space with the LightFlex app. In this app you will be able to demo what a classroom or office would look like if Sunoptics LightFlex™ were installed with Lithonia Lighting luminaires.
Acuity Brands Lighting
DaylightCal visualises the duration, angle and quality of sunlight wherever you are. Using weather forecast data, DaylightCal calculates the distribution of daylight for any location and date worldwide. Find out how much daylight you've got left today and how much to expect tomorrow.
Bureau for Visual Affairs
i3dOPlus is designed to allow anyone interested in lighting to quickly view the output of multiple light fixtures in a fast, and visually realistic way.
Ian Ibbitson
3dOP is designed to allow anyone interested in lighting to quickly view the output of a light fixture in a fast, efficient, and visually realistic way.
Ian Ibbitson
AutoCAD 360
Autodesk® AutoCAD 360—formerly AutoCAD WS—is the official AutoCAD® mobile app. AutoCAD 360 is a free, easy-to-use drawing and drafting mobile app that allows you to view, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings—anytime, anywhere.
Autodesk Inc.
GE Lighting Audit App
GE Lighting’s mobile application for lighting audits.
General Electric Company
Litecontrol introduces the Classroom Lighting Calculations mobile application for you to calculate energy usage and light levels for classroom lighting projects. Select your classroom size, number of lamps, fixture type, cost per kWh and operating hours and you’ll be able to calculate the room’s average footcandles, watts per square foot and annual energy costs.
Lutron Energi Advisor
Conducting a lighting / lighting control energy retrofit is now easier and faster than ever! Lutron Energi Advisor:
• Guides you to record a lighting energy audit
• Recommends energy efficient lighting control solutions
• Calculates energy savings and return on investment potential
• Generates customized energy proposals and bills of material
• Allows you to propose fixture upgrades This app is optimized for commercial applications such as office spaces, K-12 educational facilities, and college/university campuses.
Lutron Electronics, Inc.
Voltage Drop App
Magnitude’s Voltage Drop Calculator was created for low voltage lighting runs.
By using wire AWG (gauge) it allows you to calculate the voltage loss over long wire runs. The default limit for the voltage loss is 10.5V DC on the 12 V DC line (output) and 21 V DC limit on 24V DC line (output). You may modify the limit according to your needs in the voltage window for more precise results.
Magnitude Lighting Converters
SYLVANIA Bulb Detector
The SYLVANIA Bulb Detector is a reference tool used to help consumers when making the decision to replace existing light bulbs with more energy efficient lighting. The tool calculates energy savings based on user input. The tool also supplies information pertaining to new versus old lighting technology.
Osram Sylvania
OSRAM Light Finder
The OSRAM Light Finder allows you to find the perfect replacement for your existing lamp and enables you to virtually test OSRAM luminaires in your own home.
OSRAM Lamp Finder
The OSRAM Lamp Finder App can help you find the right light source by selecting from replacement technologies (HAL, LED, CFL), tubular lamps, high-pressure discharge lamps and compact fluorescent lamps with pin bases.
Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer
Provides a FLAT VIEW COMPASS and an AUGMENTED REALITY CAMERA 3-D VIEW showing the solar path, its hour intervals, its winter and summer solstice paths, rise and set times and more and a MAP VIEW showing solar direction for each daylight hour.
Philips LED switch for iPhone
Philips TCO is an application showing the advantages of switching from conventional lighting technologies into LED solutions. Having defined parameters such as: - price - quantity of light sources, - lighting time, - energy cost the user obtains information about savings that can be achieved within a year and over the lifetime of the light source. Return on investment and CO2 savings are also calculated.
Philips LED switch for iPad
LED Road Calculator
The LED Road Calculator app is an easy support tool that enables you to find the right luminaire version by selecting the required lighting parameters that are relevant for your Outdoor lighting project in a few steps. The result gives a recommendation of the most suitable luminaire version with ordering code. Based on single-sided lighting installation parameters and the choice of the luminaire, it will give the best solution in term of luminaire version, maximum pole spacing and system power.
Mini300 LED gen2
Designed for petrol-station canopies and low-bay applications, these ultra-efficient retrofit fixtures offer outstanding light quality, effective thermal management, and a very long lifespan. Reduced maintenance, replacement and energy cost means a short payback period, making Mini 300 LED gen2 a shining example of how businesses can save money by opting for green products. A movement detector combined with a daylight sensor enables further energy savings.Our Mini 300 LED gen2 app gives users control in ways that are simply not possible with other luminaires.
The LightSmart App from UL, is a free app designed to help consumers transition their home lighting to energy efficient technology. Through interactive screens, users are able to take a photo of their room, and see how differences in light would impact their space. Consumers can learn about concepts of energy savings, color, light and wattage, and then create a shopping list to take with them to a store. Finally, LightSmart uses regional energy price tables to show real-time Return on Investment for converting from traditional to modern lighting technologies.
Voltage Drop Calculator - Low Voltage
Q-Tran’s voltage drop calculator calculates voltage drop for low voltage lighting runs and applications using wire gauge from 14AWG – 8AWG. A column calculating loss over a dimmer is added to give you true voltage drop losses.
SnapCount is the key to maximizing your productivity in your field and facility service activities. Integrated with a comprehensive cloud-based digital operations solution, SnapCount enables site audit, survey, proposal, costing, project fulfillment and business office functions for a variety of facility trades including Lighting, Energy, HVAC and others.
WattStopper PlugCalc
With WattStopper's PlugCalc, iPad owners can quickly calculate potential energy savings realized by controlling plug-in appliances and electronics. According to the U.S. EPA, this type of energy usage is the fastest growing area of energy consumption. PlugCalc's user-friendly calculator keeps track of building schedules, energy costs and calculates savings for up to 8 different plug loads at once. Users can easily email results.
Use BeamCalc to calculate the geometry and photometrics of spotlight beams. Place and direct up to three light sources (chosen from the included library) to evaluate and compare lighting characteristics: elevation angle, beam and field pool width, illumination, and shadow length.
West Side Systems
PowerCalc performs basic electrical power calculations with watts, volts, amps, and motor power factor. It works in three modes: DC mode, AC Resistive mode, AC Inductive mode
West Side Systems
PowerSaver calculates electrical cost savings achieved by reducing wattage, turning off lights, and using more efficient appliances. Choose a savings method to evaluate, follow the prompts on the top of the screen, and see your anticipated savings.
West Side Systems
Mobile App
Manufacturer / Developer
Select Platform
Fresco Mobile
Fresco Mobile is a remote control for the Fresco lighting control station by Acuity Controls, giving you the capability to activate scenes and directly control channels from your iPad or iPad Mini. The app features the same intuitive interface as the station itself, and will automatically upload the station configuration and room status when it connects.
Acuity Controls
nLight Virtual WallPod
The nLight Virtual WallPod is an application made available exclusively to owners of an nLight Lighting Control System by Acuity Brands. This application provides onscreen (i.e. virtual) WallPod on/off and dimming controls that enable users to remotely operate nLight networked lighting loads over Wi-Fi or 3G.
Acuity Controls
nWiFi Virtual WallPod
The nWiFi Virtual WallPod App is designed for use with the nLight® Lighting Control System (sold by Sensor Switch, an Acuity Brands Company). This app provides touch controls (called Virtual WallPods) for both on/off switching and/or dimming of lighting fixtures controlled by the nLight System. The Virtual WallPod communicates with nLight over standards-based WiFi networks. Visit www.nlightcontrols.com for more information.
Acuity Controls
iLumin Remote
Cooper Controls presents the new mobile user interface for control of lighting. The mobile user interface application is ideal for a lighting designer to verify, select, modify, and save lighting scenes without the need for a plug-in or tethered control station. In addition, persons can take control of a space and quickly modify scenes from the intuitive graphical user interface as they move around their facility.
Cooper Controls
Crestron Mobile
Crestron is the leader of home automation, controlling entertainment and environmental systems from touchpanels, keypads, remotes and Web-enabled devices such as iPhone
Crestron Electronics
Crestron Mobile Pro
Crestron Mobile keeps you connected to the home and office when you’re on the go. Communicating via 3G or Edge cellular network (or Wi-Fi), you can view room and device status and adjust climate, lighting and security control features.
Crestron Electronics
Chromateq Wi-Lite

Wi-Light is an intuitive application for Smartphones and tabs, designed to keep a permanent control over our DMX Wifi devices.

Crestron App
With the touch of one button you can turn off every light in your home, share music throughout each room, adjust the temperature, set the alarm, and more. Integrate TVs, music, lighting, shades, door locks, security, heating and cooling systems and control them all from the device you always carry.
Crestron Electronics
Finelite - FineTune FineTune
FineTune lets users tune their luminaires from a “warm” 2700K CCT – great for hospitality and social events, to a “cool” 6500K CCT – perfect for energizing learning and productivity. FineTune also lets users tune the intensity of the light with dimming from 100% down to 1%. The complete system includes luminaires, cabling, wall controls and this simple-to-use FineTune app.
Finelite - FineTune
FX Luxor
FX Luxor allows for wireless control control of outdoor lighting manufactured by FX Luminaire. FX Luxor can control lighting groups with dimming and allows lights to also be combined into themes. This application requires a Luxor ZD controller with Wi-Fi option to be installed.
eKeypad Pro
eKeypad transforms your iOS device into a mobile controller for your integrated home management system. It enables you to easily access and control your system at home or while on the go.
Jayson Callaway
Compass Control
Compass Control represents the first fully integrated major control system built from the ground up to use Apple's iOS 5 devices - iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch - as its backbone. Let Compass Control be your guide to complete control for your residential or commercial application. Compass Control replaces all of your remotes and traditional control interfaces with one device. Compass Control becomes your cable remote, TV remote, thermostat, alarm control panel, and many other remote devices all contained in the sleek and beautiful shape of Apple's family of iOS 5 powered devices.
Key Digital
GreenWave Reality
Monitor and control your home energy use from anywhere using GreenWave Reality's innovative energy management solution for iPhone and iPod Touch.
NOTE: Requires GreenWave Reality product installation and an active account.
GreenWave Systems
TCP Lighting
Monitor and control your home lights from anywhere using TCP innovative lighting management solution for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
GreenWave Systems
KIM Remote
The KIM Remote app is designed to connect with Kim Lighting's Lightvault® 8 (LTV8) via bluetooth. This app gives installers the ability to remotely control aiming and dimming of the Lightvault 8.
KIM Lighting
Haiku Home Automation for HAI
Experience the ultimate in home automation control with Nullriver's Haiku for HAI automation controllers. Haiku combines HAI's proven home automation controllers with iOS's unbeatable user interface experience and versatility.
Haiku Automation
LYNX Connect
The LYNX Connect Android and IOS App works with Honeywell LYNX Touch L5200 and L7000 security systems that are outfitted with a Wi-Fi or Ethernet alarm communications module. It provides local control of the security system, and if so equipped, control of Z-wave enabled lights, locks, thermostats, and more.
Hubbell RGBW Remote
his app is used to control Hubbell RGBW Remote's multi-color landscape light over Bluetooth.
Hubbell Lighting
iLumTech DeeBridge
The user interface is a stand-alone application which enables you to easily and intuitively control the luminaires in your DALI installation via a LAN or WLAN.
iLumTech BlueBridge
BlueBridge is a solution comprising a DALI to BLE bridge device and easily operated user interface
application that enables intuitive control of luminaires within a DALI installation via Bluetooth
Low Energy (Bluetooth 4.1) using a tablet or smartphone.
ColorSplash XG Controller
Bluetooth enabled LED lighting controller for synchronization and control of J&J Electronics ColorSplash LED color changing Pool & Spa and Fountain lighting and other LED color changing pool lighting. 
J & J Electronics
The Ketra app connects your keypads to your mobile device, enabling increased flexibility and simple remote control – just download the app, locate your keypads, and control any number of keypads remotely when connected to WiFi.
SnapLink Mobile for iPhone
Turn your iPhone or iPod Touch into a whole home remote control. Homeowners and property managers with an HAI control system can view and adjust lighting levels/scenes, temperatures, security settings, surveillance video, audio, and more.
Leviton Security & Automation
DMX Lightpad 3
The DMX Lightpad 3 allows you to take control of your lights from your smartphone or tablet. The app works over WiFi by connecting to a compatible DMX controller. DMX Lightpad 3 has been designed for all environments including home lighting, office lighting and bar lighting.
Lightingsoft AG
Lutron Home Control +
The Lutron Home Control+ application allows you to control your RadioRA 2, HomeWorks QS, and Homeworks Illumination lighting control systems with the convenience of the iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod Touch®.
Lutron Q-Control +
Lutron Q-Control+ is an iPad App for Lutron's Quantum Total Light Management™ system. It is used to control lights and shades and change their programming
Lutron App for Caséta Wireless
Control your home's lights and shades from anywhere with the Lutron app on your iOS or Android device.
The LIGHTIFY app is your mobile control center for the complete LIGHTIFY system. The app contains many exciting functions and settings, enabling you to customize your lighting.
Lutron Energi Savr
The Energi Savr application allows you to adjust the programming and configuration of a Lutron Energi Savr Node (ESN) system over a Wi-Fi network with the convenience of the iPhone or iPod Touch
Lumenilaire color lighting control app to control your Lumenilaire lights!
Expert pre-configured lighting moods at your fingertips combining Philips Hue and TCP hardware into one experience. LumiFi makes connected lighting fun, simple and easy to use giving you expert know-how into your hands.
PacWave Sensor
The PacWave™ Sensor mobile application complements your Bluetooth® Smart enabled PacWave™ Ultrasonic, Microwave, and PIR bi-level occupancy sensors by providing a simple user interface to configure the sensor’s settings beyond what the physical controls can offer, view real-time feedback from the sensor, and control your lighting.
McWong International
EnvisionTouch is the latest control application from the Philips Dynalite team. It is a self-configuring application that provides control options for lighting, HVAC, curtains and ancillary services from a single point
It is the perfect addition to any Philips Dynalite Intelligent Home system providing a powerful portable interface with an intuitive experience for every user as well as providing simple control for commercial projects ranging in size from a single meeting room to a large building.
Philips Dynalite
Philips Hue
Meet the hue app. The amazing way to control every Philips hue product in your home. All in the palm of your hand. With hue, you’ll see light in a whole new way. It lets you set the ideal lighting for every occasion. It’s clever, intuitive and connected. It‘s a whole new experience.
Philips Hue
LSM Remote
Use LSM Remote to control Philips Color Kinetics Light System Engine from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad! Simply add a wifi access point to the network on which Light System Engine is installed, and LSM Remote can control all of your shows remotely. For each zone programmed on the LSE you can select which show to play, adjust its brightness, or turn off its lights. Additionally, you can specify a show transition type and time.
Philips Color Kinetics
Use QuickConfig to discover and configure Philips Color Kinetics fixtures and power supplies on your KiNET network.
Philips Color Kinetics
DiscoverME LTP
Use DiscoverMe LTP app to discover Luminous Textile Panels (LTP's) in a network. The app will automatically forward you to the Web UI (user interface), which is presented in the panel (LTP). Via the web UI of the panel, a user can control the panels in the network.
SimpleSet for Lumen Selection allows a distributor or installer to adjust the lumen output of applicable luminaires via SimpleSet, the Philips technology using the near field communication feature of a smartphone.

This is a B2B App requiring authentication with userid and password. Please contact your local sales representative.
Wink - A Simpler Way To A Smarter Home
Wink is the one quick and simple app that connects you and the products you rely on every day in your home. It uses a smart and intuitive interface for easy control of connected devices like lights, locks, thermostats, smoke alarms, cameras, sprinkler systems, and more from these leading brands: Bali, Cree, Dropcam, GE, Honeywell, Kidde, Kwikset, Lutron, Leviton, Nest, Schlage, Philips, Quirky, Rachio, and TCP.
Ringdale is well known within the business world for its cutting edge lighting solution, ActiveLED. Ringdale has now updated this incredible technology with industry leading interactive solutions. This app is designed to allow you to remotely control light settings or scenarios (combination of settings) from your iPad or iPhone.
Ringdale / ActiveLED
Savant Lite
Savant apps, designed for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Mac, allow owners of Savant SmartSystems™ to control their lighting, multi-zone media, A/V systems, security, shades and other integrated sub-systems.
Savant Systems
Savant TrueControl ll
Make the most of your iOS device with a Savant System. Savant's TrueControl II app allows for control and automation of security, comfort, lighting, entertainment and many other subsystems and technologies.
Savant Systems
Savant SmartConnect
SmartConnect helps you connect Savant devices, such as the new Savant SmartLighting Wi-Fi products, to your Wi-Fi network. This powerful app makes setting up Savant devices simple, even when you don’t have an active wireless network available.
Savant Systems
Savant Keypad Studio
The Savant Keypad Studio app delivers a design tool for Savant low-voltage keypads via iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
Savant Systems
The SavantLighting App delivers you control of your Savant Lighting Control System via iPhone or iPod touch.
Savant Systems
iWavit Lutron
This iWavit virtual remote emulates the Lutron MAESTRO IR remote control unit MIR-ITFS for home lighting control. It allows for dimming of lights and turning them on/off. The specific part number of the dimmer from Lutron is MIR-600THW but this remote should work for other products by Lutron as well.
e:cue Action Pad
The e:cue Programmer ActionPad enables creating customized graphical user interfaces for controlling such an installation. These user interfaces can be composed from interlinked pages containing buttons, faders, text labels and further decoration.
Traxon Technologies
Mobile App
Manufacturer / Developer
Select Platform
Light Meter
Professional light intensity (lux) meter for your device.
It measures illumination levels in lux.
Borce Trajkovski

Light Tester
A simple light sensor app that displays the illuminance of any light source or ambient light. Displays values in lux and lumens per sq ft. Great for horticultural grow light testing if your phones sensor precision is high enough.

Lumu Light Meter

The light metering tool for every great image maker. Use the standalone app as a reflective light meter or plug in your Lumu Power for professional light and colour temperature measurements.

Lumulabs d.o.o.
Luxi is a light meter app for iPhone. With the Luxi diffusion dome accessory, available at luximeter.com, Luxi gives accurate, reliable light meter readings for photography and other applications.
E S Devices
Mobile App
Select Platform
AB Library
Acuity Brands is proud to introduce the Acuity Brands Library app – the mobile app that gives you access to Acuity Brands’ most up-to-date marketing collateral and product literature, including the Product Selection Guide, Edition 11 (PSG), Look Up Look Around (LULA) and the LED Conversion Guide. Quick links within each catalog direct you to specific product information helping you find the solution you need, faster.
Acuity Brands
Bruck Lights
Bruck Lighting is an internationally recognized leader in the development of innovative LED, HID, CFL and halogen lighting systems and fixtures. Offering an extensive array of low-voltage and line-voltage systems and fixtures, Bruck continues to design new and innovative LED products under the brands Bruck and LEDRA, utilizing the latest in lighting advancements, while keeping the highest standards in product aesthetics, quality and safety.
Columbia Lighting
Featuring Luminaires with Advanced Solid State Technology. (LEPC, LJT, LLHP, LLHV, LLT, LSER, LTRE, LXEM)
Columbia Lighting
ConTech Lighting
ConTech Lighting’s iPad and iPhone app places over 600 pages of specification grade lighting product information at your fingertips. It combines ConTech’s full product catalog, an LED specific product catalog and a Lighting Guru featuring lighting industry terms on-the-go. Both catalogs give you the ability to not only browse by section as you would with a physical catalog, but digitally search for specific products, making your product selection a breeze.
ConTech Lighting
The Virtual Product Selection Guide (vPSG) iPad and iPhone app from Cooper Lighting by Eaton gives you virtually unlimited access to the company’s 2014 Guide. It allows you to access on-line or download the entire Guide for offline access.
Cooper Lighting
Day-O-Lite Mobile
Dayolite.com is now available on your smart phone and other mobile devices. Download the Day-O-Lite mobile icon to your home screen for fast access to our entire catalog while on the go. You can download or email specification sheets, .IES files and other luminaire information right from your phone! Simply enter www.dayolite.com into your device's browser and download the Day-O-Lite Mobile Icon to your home screen. You will then be ready to access Day-O-Lite's LED and fluorescent product information anytime, anywhere.
The Lighting Bible 10 North America
Launched for the first time in 1997, The Lighting Bible has grown to become a reference work in the lighting industry. Introduced during Euroluce 2013 in Milan, The Lighting Bible 10 features more than 1000 pages of detailed product information and inspiring project pictures.
Delta Light
Finelite eCatalog
Finelite's product eCatalog highlights technological advancements in integrated classroom, office, and personal lighting systems. Browse through the eCatalog for technical specifications and application photos which demonstrates Finelite's products in action.
Hubbell Lighting, Inc. is proud to introduce the ePSG (Electronic Product Selection Guide) app. Tired of those old worn out, out of date printed catalog pages? With the ePSG app you now have an always up to date version of the entire catalog and specification sheets.
Hubbell Lighting
IOTA Mobile
The new mobile site has been designed for increased visibility and easier navigation for use on devices with smaller screens, as well as decreased file sizes for fast access and minimal data usage.
IOTA Engineering
Juno Lighting Group Literature
The Juno Lighting Group Literature Library provides lighting specifiers and designers, architects, engineers, facility managers and contractors access to Juno Lighting Group interactive lighting solutions catalogs.
Juno Lighting Group
Leviton 2 Go
Leviton 2 Go helps customers discover and research the entire Leviton line of products directly from their mobile device. The app simplifies the purchasing process, enabling all users to search for products through the app or scan bar codes in-store to create a product list that is emailed directly from the mobile device.
Leviton Library
The Leviton Library app is the smart choice for accessing the digital versions of all of Leviton’s catalogs and brochures, right from your tablet and smartphone. You can access all of Leviton’s 25,000+ products – including electrical wiring devices, network and data center connectivity solutions, electric vehicle chargers, energy management systems, and security and automation applications – with a simple swipe!
Captain Code
The best solution for staying current on the NEC is the New Leviton Captain Code App. This easy to use, information tool is searchable by market vertical, product number, or article number. The App allows you to quickly identify and review code changes as it draws from three perspectives to provide clear and comprehensive Code data
Leviton Title 24
The Leviton Title 24 app simplifies California Title 24 2013 lighting controls code requirements. This powerful app organizes Title 24 information and makes it easily accessible and readily available with a simple swipe on your smart device. Search by application, code language and recommended Leviton solutions to get inspiration for designing code compliant applications.
Leviton ASHRAE 90.1 App
The Leviton ASHRAE 90.1 app simplifies ASHRAE Standard 90.1 2010 lighting control requirements for new and retrofit projects. This powerful app organizes ASHRAE 90.1 information and makes it easily accessible and readily available with a simple swipe on your smart device.
Lightpholio is a full-featured, Apple device app that puts access to hundreds of lighting manufacturer’s catalogues and brochures right in your hands. Designed specifically for showroom sales people, designers and other lighting industry professionals, Lightpholio replaces cluttered, space-consuming bookshelves with the attractive, convenient viewing experience of an iPad or iPhone. Make room for more product and make more sales with Lightpholio.
Lutron Commercial Solutions
Designed for the commercial building professional, the new Lutron Commercial Solutions iPad app provides easy access to the information and resources needed to inspire, specify, and install Lutron light, shade and energy control solutions for commercial spaces.
Lutron Electronics
Lutron Ivalo Collection Catalog
This catalog is the perfect introduction to Ivalo® lighting fixtures, a collection of modernist pendants, sconces, LED recessed downlights and LED linear light bars.
Lutron Electronics
Lutron Pleasance
Pleasance – the fundamental feeling that is hard to describe but that people desire to experience. Designed for the professional, the new Lutron Pleasance iPad App provides a portal to all the information needed to inspire, specify, and install Lutron residential light, shade, and temperature control solutions.
Lutron Electronics
Lutron Home Control + Sales Tool
This is a Sales Tool to help show the benefits of Lutron total home control systems (RadioRA 2, HomeWorks QS and HomeWorks Illumination).
Lutron Electronics
LED Power Finder
The OSRAM SYLVANIA OPTOTRONIC LED Power Finder application brings the extensive Solid State Lighting (SSL) power supplies portfolio to the fingertips of engineers, designers, specifiers and other lighting professionals.
Osram Sylvania
With the OSRAM Kiosk you can view digital versions of all the latest OSRAM catalogues, eg. the OSRAM Lighting Program, OSRAM Retail Catalogue, OSRAM Luminaire Catalogue Indoor and Outdoor, etc.
Philips Lumileds LEDs
The LUXEON LEDs app by Philips Lumileds is a reference tool that:
• Helps you learn about the LUXEON product portfolio
• Recommends the appropriate LUXEON LED product according to your desired performance specifications
• Includes an LED Technology Glossary
Philips Lumileds
Philips ProLuminaire
You’ve been waiting. It’s here. Lighting designers, specifiers and sales professionals can now access our industry-leading luminaire portfolio anytime, from anywhere. Philips ProLuminaire showcases our brilliant array of professional lighting products.
• Explore both indoor and outdoor products
• Quickly search for lighting solutions by name, type, brand, catalog number, family code or keyword.
• Share information and imagery with colleagues and customers
• Access specification sheets and installation information on the go
• Save your favorites for easy reference
• Make project notes within the app and share with others
Philips Lighting Product Catalog
The Philips Lighting product catalog has been optimized for smartphones, enabling you to directly access the product information and the complete product range also when you are not in the office.
Progress Lighting
Progress Lighting is pleased to present over 5,000 lighting fixtures offered in our catalog via Progress Lighting's new mobile app for iPhone. For over 100 years, Progress Lighting has been committed to providing a diverse selection of high quality lighting fixtures - earning us the reputation as the #1 decorative lighting line among Builders and Remodelers.
Progress Lighting
The Traxon Technologies App brings the traditional product catalogue to life! The app illustrates the company's showcases and products in an interactive and dynamic way. Users could search any showcases by Application Areas or could locate them anywhere in the world with the built in map. Product information could then been cross-referenced from any showcases, and photos, detail technical specification and photometric data of could be saved and shared on the fly!
Traxon Technologies
Use this app to search for USHIO lamp data specifications as well as estimate energy savings and halogen lamp life. You can also stay up to date with the latest products offered by USHIO America. Internet access required for full app functionality.
USHIO America
Mobile App
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ZerOS Remote
Wireless Remote control of the Zero 88 ZerOS lighting consoles including the Solution Series, ORB series consoles, Leap Frog 48 & 96 and Frog 2 consoles. Manipulate, control and play back your shows from your iPhone or iPad
Cooper Controls - Zero88
Light Calc
Light Calc is a photometric calculation tool for professional lighting designers and theatrical electricians. It allows you to carry a pocket database of commonly used theatrical lighting fixtures that you can quickly access in the field.
D!HV Lighting
CXI Color Calculator
The CXI Color Calculator from Wybron helps lighting production personnel find and program colors for the CXI dual-gelstring color changer. Scroll through two overlapping gelstrings of cyan, magenta, and yellow to blend the ideal shade, then plug its numerical values into your lighting control console to have a CXI color changer move to that color. The Color Calculator also gives you the values needed to replicate several colors from the GAM, Lee, and Rosco collections of theatrical filters.
Gel Services
Gel Swatch Library
The Gel Swatch Library by Wybron, Inc., lets lighting production personnel browse, search, and compare more than 1,000 gel color filters made by the following manufacturers:
- Apollo (included in Version 1.4 release)
- GAM - Lee - Rosco
Gel Services
Moire Gobo Library
The Moiré Gobo Library from Wybron, Inc. lets lighting production personnel browse, search, and experiment with more than 3,600 different A-size gobos from the following manufacturers:
- Apollo - GAM - InLight - Lee
Gel Services
DMX Calculator v.1.89
The old version will no longer be updated, this is the version that will be maintained! Please contact me if you have any trouble downloading!
Lighting Beam Calculator
A MUST for ALL Lighting Professionals! Works on beam geometry! Metric/Imperial - Answers given in same units you enter! Use Beam Calc to calculate the Beam Diameter, Beam Angle. AutoCalc for Throw if you enter trim & floor Distance Use Throw Calc to calculate the Throw Distance if you know trim height and floor distance!
OSRAM DMX Wi-Fi Controller
The OSRAM DMX Wi-Fi Controller app is an implementation of the DMX protocol using ArtNet II UDP unicast mode for the iOS. Up to 512 devices and 16 universes can be controlled.
Osram Sylvania
Luminaire for iPhone (DMX Lighting Control)
Advanced creative lighting control for Live Entertainment, Film/TV production, Architecture and beyond. Luminair is the ultimate lighting control tool for live entertainment, film/tv production, architecture, and for anyone else who works with creative lighting. It's a full-featured lighting control platform, capable of controlling all DMX compliant gear including LED fixtures, conventional lighting, dimmers, media servers, and more, using any Art-Net or sACN to DMX interface.
Synthe FX
Luminaire for iPad (DMX Lighting Control)
Synthe FX
e:cue Action Pad
The e:cue Programmer ActionPad enables creating customized graphical user interfaces for controlling such an installation. These user interfaces can be composed from interlinked pages containing buttons, faders, text labels and further decoration.
Traxon Technologies
Mobile App
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Vehicle Light
Choose suitable OSRAM lamps for your vehicle - exterior and interior. Which lamps do you need for your car, motorbike or truck? Choose brand, model and construction year of your vehicle in the menu and you will get a good view over suitable OSRAM lamps and their reference numbers.
Osram Sylvania
This app tells you all about the OSRAM designer daytime running lights: what they look like, what they can do, how they help improve road safety. Particular highlights the test function with which you can try out the effect using a photo of your car.
Osram Sylvania
MOPAR Headlights
Need to find a replacement headlight bulb fast for your Chrysler Group vehicle? Not to worry, the latest “MOPAR powered by SYLVANIA” app contains all of the data for headlight bulbs, tail lights, signal lighting and even the dome lighting in every make of every Chrysler Group vehicle in the United States between 1958 and 2013!
Osram Sylvania
Headlight for iPad
Headlight for iPad 3.0 is NOW available. With the dashboard, just one touch and our APP seamlessly allows you to navigate easily to all things SYLVANIA Automotive including your social media and access to our branded new Facebook site now dedicated to SYLVANIA Automotive.
Osram Sylvania